Which type of bearing is best?

The most common bearings used in fidget spinners are the 608 bearing and the R188 bearing. Generally speaking, the R188 bearing is the best choice for fidget spinners if you are looking for the best spin time. R188 bearings are smaller, which in turn gives the spinner more mass, which is one of the major factors in helping it spin.

How do I clean my bearings?

Bearings tend to get dirty because dust and dirt can sometimes get inside it from your pockets or dropping it.

If you feel like your bearing is dirty, go ahead and give it a wash. Remove the bearing, and soak it in some solvent. Some common solvents include isopropyl alcohol (any strength), acetone, brake cleaner, or paint thinner. We suggest NOT using WD-40. Swish the bearing around the solvent, and give it a few spins to make sure all the dirt gets out. Try to leave the bearing in the solvent for ~15 minutes. After your bearing is all clean, take a can of compressed air and blow out your bearing. Don’t use a paper towel or rag to dry your bearing, because you don’t want lint or dirt getting back in there! Make sure your bearing is dry before you put it back in your spinner and you’re done!


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